Monday, 25 October 2010



What kind of person compares themselves to Joan Of Arc?  A very naughty boy.  And he’s not coming out.

Johnny Marr was once quoted as saying that he was going for his equivalent of “Jumpin’ Jack Flash” with this track and you can definitely hear and feel that in its structure with the pace it drives at (seldom was the band so galloping) and the huge pay off that comes with the chorus.  The closer you listen to the composition, the grander/larger it gets.

The tenth single released by the band “Big Mouth Strikes” came as part of a three song package with “The Boy With The Thorn In His Side” and “Rubber Ring” addressing the relationship of their art with the industry that was packaging and distributing it.

Of course the bigmouth is Morrissey himself.  Feeling somewhat slated and harshly judged he just went for it with full sarcasm holding the belief that with many he was damned whatever he said or did.  So on that note, why bother, just strike again.  Bitchy.

Perhaps more popular with the band than the public, Marr was quoted as saying at the completion his thoughts were “this is why I’m in a band”.

On the other side is “Money Changes Everything” which feels an appropriate statement considering the context and relationship with Rough Trade at the time.

Originally Kirsty MacColl recorded backing vocals for the song but they scrapped when deemed “too weird”.  Instead they used “Ann Coates” which was Morrissey putting his own vocal through a harmoniser to sound like a chipmunk.  No, that wasn’t weird at all.

That classic moment when a dark piece of humour is taken the wrong way by a partner.

James Dean is on the cover.

Thesaurus moment: gate.

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