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This is a slow moving vehicle.  A dense laboratory of scales and sounds layered in magical and menacing fashion.  There is indeed something futuristic about this record.  Futuristic, paranoid and very claustrophobic.

Memories Of The Future is an album worth listening to closely and intricately.  As Kode9 cooks up a series of close beats it is the words of The Spaceape that sear into your soul.  Quite frankly what the man says is disturbing as he employs what has been described as “a man on his deathbed” vocal delivery.  He sounds like a deep crossing of Tricky and James Earl Jones, of Darth Vader mixed with a Rasta.

These two actually make for a very good pair smartly complimenting the other with two sets of resources that meld together into a rich tapestry and nightmarish ride.

On that note the album actually opens relatively sedately as the slow motions of “Glass” scramble around the soul.  The sedate strings and bleeps that eventually give way to the vocals of The Spaceape perform a proper awakening.  Atmospherically it feels the beginning of journey as the track subtly sways from side to side as confession occurs both requested and commanded.

The sound is dub reggae electronica as clipped sonics hang in the air while a deep bass sound echoes through proceedings.  The pace is a slow one aimed towards a weird construct of relaxation and devastation, panic station.  There is a distinct Lee Perry influence at play as the beat serves to make time stand still.

There are many differing down low emotions attached to the various tracks ranging from the dread and menace of “Curious” to the apprehension created by the Hitchcock like strings in “Addiction” while “Sine” and “Correction” just wreak of death and dark endeavour.

Often there is a William Burroughs type atmosphere attached to proceedings and this is felt most on “Addiction” as an accurate and clear description of being strung out is offered in a manner that is most convincing.  Its an understatement to call this claustrophobic.

Throughout it maintains a constant slow pace, remaining one-beat and mostly about the message.  It plays out like a lighthouse serving as a beacon able to calm at stormy times in spite of the scenarios in the lyrical content.

This is a modern horror soundtrack, one best accompanied by toast.  Motion suggests.

Thesaurus moment: nefarious.

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