Tuesday, 5 January 2010



Now this along with Delphic appears to be what is going for fresh new alternative music at the beginning of 2010 and this illustrious last decade of man.

If I’m to be nice I will commend, comment and concentrate on the fat pop hooks of the record, of how the band appear very able to produce a catchy tune that actually remains in the memory after the record has finished. Its all down to the chorus and the removal of difficult long words in preference to making animal noises.

You feel like this record should come accompanied by a sachet of shower gel as it is so clean, so devoid of acne and fresh faced. Now this shouldn’t be.

So who on earth are The Temper Trap? They are actually from Australia and as far as I am concerned they can fuck off back to Australia. Apparently they are noted for “their atmospheric sound featuring grand guitars set to pulsating rhythms.” Yes, where to start with this. Surely an atmospheric sound would suggest some kind of presence, some kind of volume that serves to move me (the listener) into experiencing some kind of emotional reaction. Likewise if there are grand guitars on this record then I ain’t hearing them. And as to pulsating rhythms, surely you need a pulse in the first place. With these guys I just don’t feel it.

So salient, so dull.

Move on there is nothing to be heard here.

Thesaurus moment: wrong.

The Temper Trap

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