Monday, 4 January 2010



Not exactly pissing my pants with excitement at the reality of having an autographed picture disc copy of this record this is Delphic and Delphic are very 2010. Unfortunately.

Alternative music nudging the mainstream is currently taking on a very cleansed outlook on life and proceedings. Like some kind of horrible nightmare I appear to have been transported back to the eighties Back To The Future style.

There is nothing new in this record, it only survives on possessing a large hook at the chorus in order to accommodate the stupid haircuts that their audience are only all too happy to accept and be exploited by. Finally I am truly beginning to feel too old for music, for anything that anyone beneath the age of 25 finds entertaining or invigorating.

With this and The Temper Trap to will on the middle class masses the time is ripe for invasion, for a real power and entity to grab and take control of our country because there sure as fuck is nothing here to defend our rights and liberties. Quite frankly this is the alternative music equivalent of a child ripe for bullying.

I blame Coldplay.

Thesaurus moment: transparent

Chimeric Records

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