Sunday, 6 April 2008



If ever I want to bore you about indie music I will recount to you how the first ever gig I attended was Babes In Toyland supported by Trumans Water and Maniac Squat the Colchester Hippodrome back in September 1993.  Double guns.

Released in 1998 here we have a seven inch single housing two bands with a lot in common and it is aesthetically pleasing.  With a bond that spreads across the Atlantic, here is a band from San Diego via Portland playing nice with a likewise from Brighton finding themselves being released on an Essex record label.

Trumans Water are a crazed proposition, all shout and lo-fi much in the manner of a Pavement wig out which can often sail quite close to a Jesus Lizard sound.  Their first number here “Anti-Person-From-Porlock” is a confident stride that plays out like a band on a bungee rope.  There are invisible forces pulling them back as all in the region are affected.  Trumans Water are the kings of stormy weather.  When the vinyl skips its not always clear whether this is the band delving into repetition or technological nostalgia failing.  As the latter persists, that’s what you get for doing 33rpm on a seven inch, the track truly proves antisocial serving to annoy my neighbours throw an open window on this sunny day.  The band’s second offering “Atom Spear” serves equally hideous juices with a scratchy and broken instrumental only the damaged could dance to.  Think Devo in the foulest of moods on the shittiest of days.

Exhibiting common sense the I’m Being Good contribution “Waste Of Bullets” runs at 45rpm and may or may not be reference to The Terminator’s opinion of Axl Rose at the conclusion of the “You Could Be Mine” video.  Not a million miles removed from the sound of Trumans Water, I’m Being Good offer a lumpy accolade and a screamy exhibit reminding of the Flaming Lips and Magoo at their most wonky with a wisp of early Mogwai thrown in for good measure.  There is no chorus, just corruption.  With distortion heading the agenda once more repetition is key as broken grooves represent broken dreams.  This is a sonic sandwich slowly melting.

What a ride.

Thesaurus moment: partisan.

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