Thursday, 3 April 2008



This is the sound of Mike Ladd punking out.  He is known for being partial towards Bad Brains and here it shows with a thumping, rapidly delivered rattle of a hardcore song that comes with a charging horn driving things forward.

Mike Ladd is a smart man, a published man, with a knack for words and incisive observations.  As he rolls through this single we leaves the listener’s ears ringing as the brain tries to keep up and pick up on every smashed reference being disposed.

“Wild Out Day” is a wrong party.  Its about the life that we are currently leading and the one that if we are not careful (not guarded) might begin enjoying a bit too frequently/much.  There is a barbed repetition attached to proceedings and the description of an existence containing subtle threat/danger.  It reminds me of Plan B but Mike Ladd was doing it first.

Taking a more expected approach “Jet Pack” lands on the flipside with bubbling funk bass seeing Ladd casually and coercing the listener to like his seductive stance and appreciate his review of the motions.  And then it comes coupled with a P-Funk chorus/hook.  This is how to get atomic; seldom does hip-hop taste so smooth.

This is what can be produced/made when your worldview be clear and untainted.  There is a luxury attached to these pieces even though in construct they hold little in common other than sharing an author.  Here you hold smart music.

Cool customers still pay.

Thesaurus moment: facilely.

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