Monday, 13 September 2010



There is a sad reality in that this is probably the best known Wu-Tang.  Its not because its groundbreaking or even much good for that matter, its just because its clean and got airplay.  It has a video with group looking stupid it but doesn’t have swear words (at least in most distributed version it doesn’t) and in the modern media climate that is all that’s required.  Ultimately when held up against so many superior tracks in the Wu-Tang arsenal, you can’t help but feel a little deflated by such a reality.

“Gravel Pit” feels like a gag, a bad gag.  In some ways it’s the Wu-Tang Clan equivalent of “Tubthumping” as the chatty nature of the piece spreads the motion thin and makes it accessible to/for all the wrong people.  This is how you get on daytime FM radio.

When the song came out I was dating a girl that loved this track, loved the video and I loved her.  Even though she owned The Dirty Version by ODB I wasn’t convinced that she had experienced Enter The Wu-Tang.  She claimed to be rebellious, claimed to be hot but as I helped carry her belongings into her new flat only a few weeks after we’d met (probably too big a favour offered too soon) all she would focus on with the song was the caveman video and not the rap talent or what was really meant by the gravel pit (or rather her gravel pit).

Ultimately it’s a fucking pop song.  The hook is a Cameo sample for fuck’s sake.  Wu songs with female vocal parts always tended to be a bit light (although it would not be fair to lay blame at the hands of Paulissa Moorman).  The reality is that everyone needs to get paid at some point.

Stepping over that shambles, the b-side is “Protect Ya Neck (The Jump Off)” which is hardly anything fresh or new either.  In theory this shit is back from Enter The Wu-Tang albeit now coming sprinkled with a little extra something something rendering it to a place that is next to unrecognisable.  They just wrecked their song.  And I can’t be bothered to investigate why.

What the fuck?

What a waste.

Thesaurus moment: earner.

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