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For the third single from “King For A Day…Fool For A Lifetime” Faith No More played it smart as in playing it intelligent rather than bankable.  Following a couple of subtle stonkers this was them being silky slick and smooth in suave fashion unleashing one of their always reliable out of genre workouts for the section of their audience with expansion and taste.  It is also quite noticeable how the artwork is no longer illustrations.

This song has Mike Patton written all over it.  In the forefront is him crooning over a leisurely workout as it appears demons are being exorcised and people that appreciated/enjoyed their version of “Easy” are welcomed back into the fold.  In many ways, it is cheating.

“I didn’t feel a thing.”

Personally I am a big fan of “Evidence”.  It expresses a kind of remorse that I am very familiar with.  The sentiments are cold and scolded, defensive and hurt expressing a front through lies and an exhibition of compromised truth.

If you’re going to do a smoky jazz-funk number you might as well do it well and as Bill Gould’s bass plays high in proceedings and Roddy Bottum’s keys point towards another state of mind as the guitar licks at times are just out and out porno.  Ultimately though it is the words of confession that seal the deal as Patton is able to stretch the word “evidence” to new ends as he puts on a front expressing nonchalance that is paper thin.  The song is the music equivalent of a pained expression.

There are also versions of “Evidence” recorded in Portuguese, Spanish and Italian.

On the flipside the CD single offers Westwood One recordings of classic live tracks from California in April 1995.  The version of the now correctly entitled “Easy” is a light affair involving a fair amount of the crowd singing along while “Digging The Grave” remains a short sharp shock of a song sounding somewhat heavier and fuzzier in a live setting with Dean Menta on guitar instead of Trey Spruance.  Rounding things off is an exciting and energised take on “From Out Of Nowhere” as again the new guitar sound very much stands out while Bottum’s keys sound like an ambulance siren.  Even if the record wasn’t full on, live the band still was.

This is certainly not vanilla.

Thesaurus moment: attestation.

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