Monday, 9 August 2010



Some songs just brighten any day; exceed any glum obstacle put in their way.  There once was a time when there was a pride to be taken in glowing.  Certain musicians were able to swank and the results were timeless.

Kenny Loggins is the man!  Back in the early eighties if you required a rousing theme or montage song he was your go to guy.  He supplied Top Gun, he supplied Footloose but most important of all he supplied Caddyshack.

Technically “I’m Alright” is soft rock but over the years this kind of song when born on a good day has been regenerated as yacht rock.  Seldom will you ever hear a cleaner sounding acoustic guitar.

I guess its happy escapism that fuels this record.  How often do you tell somebody “I’m all right” and actually mean?  Not as regularly as Mr Loggins I would wager.

This song’s association with Caddyshack is perfection.  Happiness and humour make such great bedfellows.  And this low and lazy call to task expertly echoes the kind of relaxed attitudes exhibited by Rodney Dangerfield, Chevy Chase and Bill Murray in the morning. – “why don’t you just let me be”.

At the end of the day it is impossible not to react to this song, be it add a skip to your step, a dance to your movement or general singalong to the words.  “Nobody worry about me”.  Then three minutes and thirty nine seconds later the exiting emotion is one of jubilation.  The investor wins.

In many ways this is one of the most sincere outpourings of pleasure in the history of (soft) rock.  How can a person even come to close questioning the credentials and worth of such music?  There was no corporate force behind its creation and the use was in a setting that at the time was still uncorrupted and genuine.

Unfortunately I did make the mistake of turning the record over and listening to “Lead The Way”.  Kenny Loggins – what is this guy, fucking Barry Manilow?  And thus my previous arguments are all but rendered void.  I am an idiot.

For some reason I bloody love that seven inches used to have their release date on the label.

So today just improved.

Thesaurus moment:  swag.

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