Wednesday, 18 August 2010



Despite playing their instruments and being a band there has always been a gaping void when it comes to the credibility of Duran Duran.  Sure there are people that absolutely love them but they’re matured teenyboppers.  These are not classic rock fans, more adults that used to read Smash Hits.  However do they worry about this?  Do they fuck, they sleep on piles of money at night while sleeping with models and other sexual beings.  Even now.

“Planet Earth” is actually one of their more reliable, less guilty songs.  When it popped up in the opening sequence of The Business it offered similar opportunity to reassess the track and give it new context in the manner that “Peaches” by The Stranglers profited from being in the opening credits of Sexy Beast.

If nothing else, Duran Duran could generally be relied on for a terrific hook.  It has to be said that time really has been kind on this track as the build up frays healthily, Le Bon’s vocal delivery is smooth and not embarrassing.  And then the chorus kicks in strangely exhilarating fashion while a wayward keyboard echoes something that could possibly have been lifted from Joy Division.

Of course at the end of the day this was a Top Of The Pops song and despite the quality of the track indignity would have eventually rained down on it thus tainting its legacy and existence.  Held on its own though, musically it is probably their best song.

I can’t believe I used to confuse from with Wham!  Now if only the chorus had contained words.

Thesaurus moment: stupefaction.

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