Friday, 19 February 2010



On The Beach is a club night at the Buffalo Bar in Islington on everything third Friday of the month.  It plays a gross mixture of dirty underground and unpopular songs covering US indie, post punk, electronica, hardcore, grime and sometimes even pop. 

This is a compilation CD that was given away at their club night in February 2010 I believe to celebrate their tenth night.  What do I know though; when I picked up my copy of the disc I was drunk and just had a McDonalds.  It features eighteen tracks typical of what gets played at the club proving something of an eclectic soup selection.

The disc opens with “I.O.U.” by The Replacements, a thumping case of hard rocking classic American indie that people have heard of but mostly have never actually heard.  This then melds into the backwards electronic beats of Dan Deacon and my stereo player is already reeling.  You too will be reeling once you’ve had enough of that cheap Eastern European beer that the Buffalo Bar puts on as “special” on the night.

Not wishing to be too white and middle class they drop hip hop (sometimes even grime) in the form of Dominique Young and Roll Deep in addition to the classic that is “Witness (1 Hope)”.  This will help you swing your pants.

Essentially you can’t help but feel the heart of the club is in US indie being that the club features many faces that frequent All Tomorrows Parties.  This point is well made by the inclusion of Polvo, Cap’n Jazz, Ted Leo and Health, a band I defy anybody to attempt to dance to.  Good luck fucker.

Also no selection of knowing modern hipster music is complete without its silly pun band names as represented today by Hudson Mohawke and Joy Orbison.  Laugh it up.

Elsewhere “Roadrunner” by Jonathan Richman pops up at some point not feeling out of place like the scary nonce in the corner.

Then that is it.  The lights come up and it seems time to go get a kebab except I am actually here at home sat listening to this record in my pants.  Where did my life go wrong?

An education.

Thesaurus moment: promo.

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