Thursday, 4 February 2010



There is a Bombay Bicycle Club in Holland Park.  I have never been inside because I do not ride bicycles.  There is something rather Darjeeling Limited about this band’s moniker, a name that captures an image and sense of better times for our empire, a period when we actually appeared to possess some sway and influence.  There is also a prostitute in Holland Park I know but that is beside the point.

This band has one terrible name.  It belittles them, conjures up an image that does not necessarily sum up an act you imagine is interesting or any good.  Inventiveness does not appear on the agenda if so much consideration has been put into such a wacky band name you figure these are now spent mental forces.

Riding against expectations “Evening/Morning” is a wonderful song.  It has forced me to take interest in a band/act that I was determined to give a wide birth.  Within the confines of this tune there is a subtle hint and suggestion of greatness, a trait that serves to elevate.

The first third thirty seconds of this song is made up entirely of build and anticipation.  It is the musical equivalent of starting up, of being exciting in the most subtle fashion.  It’s in the small things.  Then with this some distorted bass grandstands and slaps some direction to proceedings.

I think the delight in this song is the simplicity of proceedings.  The form structure is unconventional, more about blocks of direction rather than a traditional verse chorus verse delivery.  In many ways it shouldn’t work but royally it pays off in abundance as a delicate charm exudes in the strange vocals on offer and the restrained manner in which the band is playing.  This is music for those away from the norm but who still listen to Radio One.

In the most upbeat way I am reminded a lot of Maximo Park (the vocals) and a little of Yo La Tengo (the music).  Some will also hear a bit of Biffy Clyro and possibly Super Furry Animals in there too.  It’s all gravy.

It’s all downhill from here.

Thesaurus moment: enriching.

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