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Endlessly entertaining it is always great to know that there is a new Pete Doherty record knocking around. Even if it doesn’t sound the greatest it is reassuring that you know some kind of occurrence is bound to happen soon. Here is a man who is both an officer and a gentleman.

I have to concede I never really liked Pete Doherty when he was popular. His music was shit and his fans idiots. The Libertines were never anything more than a bad UK version of The Stokes but it was Carl Barat evidently who was the deadwood in the pairing judging by the standard of subsequent bands and projects.

One of the best things that can be said about Pete Doherty’s solo material is basically that it doesn’t sound like The Libertines (or over Babyshambles for that matter). Here is a lounging and surprisingly lyrical run out that comes almost with a classical feel and more than a passing resemblance to The Auteurs although I cannot imagine Luke Haines would be too endeared by such a comparison as this lacks the darkness of his content. In comparison Pete seems happy to sing about gatherings and long for a sense of party and togetherness rather than anything too divisive.

Towards the end of the song as things become wonky it begins to sound like old Pete is beginning to speak in tongues, possibly due to some kind of skag withdrawal but as the mumbles clear slightly it appears he is just blabbering on in French. Bonjour!

He is not an English rose.

And at what point did Peter become Peter? At school my best friend was called Peter and ultimately I ended up turning on him like a true shit, treating him badly and bringing him down in order to keep me up (head above water). His mother used to pick on me. It just recently occurred to me that she might have been Asian but there is no one around to confirm this. Perhaps she is why I now desire Asian companionship, perhaps I always fancied Peter’s mum. She was a cook after all and here I am now working in a restaurant. In the long run it all comes together.

Thesaurus moment: indolently.

Peter Doherty

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anti-hero said...

nice blog, but i have to comment on your opinion.

the strokes could'nt make a patch on the libertines ass.