Wednesday, 8 July 2009



There is a weird kind of karaoke feel to this singles that finds itself horribly drenched in eighties synths and lame electronic pad drums that hardly serve to inspire or allow the listener to ever really be impressed with what is on offer.

The whole spiel about La Roux appears to be over he pointy her hair is today in a very “is she? Isn’t she?” kind of way.

I guess listened to from one angle aesthetically there is a kind of CSS or Ting Tings feel to the sound of the single but to compliment it there is just no edge or exoticness or absolutely anything in there to generate personal interest in La Roux in where she is from and what she is about. Instead the lyrical content is just some clichéd riddle about not being taken for a ride after being taken for a ride in the first place.

The single does however look impressive delivered as a seven inch square with no off cuts from the sides. This is not economic or ecologically friendly but crappy pop tat like this is never going to be. And then on the sleeve there is the squiggle that represents how La Roux has kindly autographed my copy to add the personal touch. What, they’re all autographed?

Lady Gaga this is not but there is a lot of money being pumped up her arsehole all the same.

Modern music hey, what you gonna do?

Thesaurus moment: synthetic.

La Roux

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