Monday, 29 June 2009



With a staunch groove delivering a straight line pattern “Got Nuffin” opens with pounding drums straight out of “My Sharona” as a guitar part akin to “Motor Away” by Guided By Voices kicks in prior to Britt Daniel delivering a first line that reminds of “Paint It Black”.  Within twenty five seconds Spoon have taken over the world.

This is what Spoon does best, they splash out with a restrained desperation that can often feel like their lives are falling to pieces and this is all they have left.  Everyone is a star in this outfit as the rhythm section powers the piece through lending plenty of breathing space for Daniel to express his feelings (“got nuffin’ to lose”) while having a good guitar workout akin to lightning strikes providing his latest headache.

In many ways Spoon produce perfect pop songs.  The structure is classic but the playing possesses exploration and angst that offers enough to fill the cup of a hipster.  In other words your dad could get into this record as much as the guy with the nose piercing.  In a world of so much overnight sensation this band is consistently skilled.  Held up against their historically great moments this maintains their standard of quality.

Then it possesses the craziest fade out in recent history.  Where did that come from?  Did the guy at the desk get fed up and decide to just turn the dial down?  Such weirdness is always available from Spoon.

On the other side is “Tweakers” followed by “Stroke Their Brains” which displays the band realising their playful side, their primal urge and their id.  This is at the listeners’ expense.  As I said, weirdness is available.

Thesaurus moment: consummate.

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