Thursday, 4 June 2009



It all feels like it has gone a bit futuristic for The Gossip, this is not punk rock, its too popular! As she announces that it is a “cruel cruel world” you can’t help but feel that these sentiments no longer quite ring true for Beth.

This is an alternative love song, one caked in angst and an embarrassingly amount of heart being worn on the glittery sleeves of the band. Bouncing like a positive jam to fat lesbian girls everywhere I’m not so sure that my love affair with The Gossip will last much longer. With drum beats that belong in a seventies discotheque and a glow that will never truly sit easy with anything indie or punk rock (pure DIY style) it is still a great victory to have reached these heights with such a vehicle but the ensuing diluting affect of any modern Rick Rubin production job can only ever serve to disarm and disappoint. Heavy Cross – oh the burden, with the metal symbolism is this an eleventh hour attempt to snag the Kerrang! audience?

A song about still being persecuted by the masses, the story begins by reaching out to its audience of converts and sufferers as if the bad times still surrounded the existence of this band. Now that the hard work has paid off and Beth has won the chocolate factory is it really still possible to buy into this?

Its easy to fantasise about Beth Ditto, a most forward and feisty individual designed to break odd shaped hearts and as a result a shitbag little indie band being given the gloss treatment is perhaps not the right product for her to be peddling at this time (although the BBW clothes range doesn’t look so great either).

Go solo. Beth, just admit it.

Thesaurus moment: treasure.

The Gossip
Columbia Records

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