Tuesday, 14 April 2009



A happy song for happy people. I’m not really sure where this is supposed to fit in with the everyday running of the world but as an ode to an individual on a summer day it could well serve as a spring to action for the dozen or so individuals that listen to this band and its music.

Vetiver are friends of Devendra Banhart, that annoying flash in the pan from a few years ago that acted as skag to the indie kids when dabbling in and sampling folk. For most this is not much of a recommendation.

I can’t really work out why this kind of music is popular with the indie masses. It is slow and uneventful (and for the most part unenlightened). I suspect in order to appreciate this record you need to be happy with your lot, accomplished or devoid of aspiration just happy to poodle along allowing your parents to pick up the cheque along the way and never feel any consequence for your actions. This is the aural equivalent of begging.

The name Vetiver is apparently derived from the grass (no, me neither), perhaps a gesture of the food stuffs the mooing mob audience is ingesting whilst listening to this music.

Hippy shit.

Thesaurus moment: vacant.

Bella Union

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