Monday, 20 April 2009



I’m not actually sure that this was released as a single. Indeed the copy/version I have appears to be some kind of radio promo that I purchased on eBay for an amount not necessarily value for money. My woes then continue as I place the one track CD into my player and it is according to my mini stereo a blank CD. What are these people doing to me?

This is the lead track from The Eternal, which is the band’s first album on Matador now that they have been freed from their evil corporate contract with the devil of Geffen (who appeared to turn into Universal towards the end).

Clocking in at just over two minutes it is a relief to hear the band pulling together to stoke a coherent, relatively structured song that focuses on the ride rather than the mechanics involved. You always need to know where something originates from in order to enjoy it.

Ultimately Sacred Trickster proves a fruity and lively lead track with vocals from Kim that eventually become awash with glorious distortion gummed guitar. As she recounts moronic questioning along the lines of “what’s it like to be a girl in a band” it suggestions some form of frustration as the lyrics feel as cut up as ever with the agenda most definitely remaining music first and words second. And then there is still time and room for a big fuck off hook.

In a world where music is barely being released on physical formats now and singles are now all but in this the past despite the quality of this song you still would not be likely to hear it on the radio.

Thesaurus moment: muliebrity.

Sonic Youth

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