Monday, 23 February 2009



Earthy and acoustic, Emmy The Great on this occasion feels very much the antithesis of Kate Nash and all those other ballsy young teenage girls that like to sniff out any kind of weakness available at their disposal in order to exploit and manipulate before getting daddy to pay to bail them out. Perhaps and maybe.

I don’t think Emmy The Great will be too impressed to hear that of anybody else in music this reminds me most of Lisa Loeb. And that Hallelujah refrain – it’s just playing into people’s hands! Leave that kind of shit to the wonder lips on the face of Alexandra Burke as she attempts to butt fuck Leona Lewis (Lennox Lewis’ drag persona) out of the stratosphere. Leona of course will be all right, her music industry dad will see to it.

So what is really wrong with Emmy The Great? You sense she sees and hears herself as some kind of Beth Orton talent when really you the impression that she is some twee bitch they dug up out of the compost heap. “Piss on your grave” indeed.

Given a second hearing I flip the seven inch to hear the opposite offering which turns out to be a cover version of “Burn Baby Burn” by Ash. I don’t know what to say about this version of the song; I didn’t really like the original so it is unlikely that I am going to appreciate a floppy cover of it.

These fucking kids.

Thesaurus moment: wet.

Emmy The Great
Close Harbour

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