Thursday, 11 October 2007



There has been something a real void to indie rock since The Delgados went away, they may have been a bitch with many faces but they were something of a consistently great presence, not least for being an act that had so tangibly “made it”.

During those times Emma Pollock was something of an understated powerhouse, often looking as if she was holding more cards to the organisation than she was letting on. All in all which makes it a real pleasure to report how rewarding and fulfilling this single is.

Reminding me greatly of Tanya Donnelly, especially were she a big fan of keyboards, this slice of indie pop makes for a refreshing antidote in response to the current torrent of depressed downbeat lady angst female songwriters that are healthily shifting units at the moment.

On the flipside “A Glorious Day” is a more personal, solo affair perversely reminding me of Julie Delpy at the close of Before Sunset, a truly genuine (or genuinely true) song regarding yearning in the most sophisticated and dignified manner (in actuality a musical reading of a poem by an exterior influence).

As a precursor to the upcoming album this reason to be very excited for what lies ahead in the future.

Thesaurus moment: pleasant.

Emma Pollock

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