Monday, 22 October 2007



This is one of those songs that is defined by its music video which adds a whole dimension and weight to the meaning of the song that might not necessarily be there otherwise. Displaying the couple that everyone always wanted to be there is a definite element of perfection attached to this song.

Until I saw this video I had tended to consider Air something of a novelty act, an electronic outfit dealing in fromage. There felt little in the way of substance, instead smartly and tactically tailored elements built to appeal to the most base of emotions. However with “All I Need” suddenly Air felt glittery.

Featuring Beth Hirsch on vocals “All I Need” is a saccharine ode to a love one that thankfully manages to keep on the right/correct side of good taste, not labouring over/with the fat elements of joy and remaining lean and effective without becoming too wet. The brush strokes that cradle the track add a haunting sense of affection as the voice attached soothes the tone. Eventually this sound begins to resemble a bubbling caress pointing and leading towards musically a happy place. Then arrives a sparking pay off and one of the most glorious and tender moments in modern music is sealed.

Towards the end of the video (directed by Mike Mills) things get soppy as the boy says something nice and the girl threatens to start crying. This triggers some kind of additional emotional toll placed to the piece, distinctly reminding me of somebody I used to go out with who I once told “I like it when I make you cry”. She hates me now. She is now a lesbian.

All I need is for someone to just take the time.

Thesaurus moment: heartache.

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