Tuesday, 11 March 2008



Rocking a weird lo-fi slacker vibe seemingly positioned halfway between Neil Young and Ween, Built To Spill brings the rock from Boise, Idaho in a most wonderful Pavement like fashion complete with a They Might Be Giants sense of euphoria and enthusiasm for life stunningly exhibited in a high-energy chorus.  “In The Morning” is the sound of waking up early and happy, a most pure celebration of odd rock and difficult times.

To be honest it’s a no-brainer that I should find myself drawn to this band.  Things like this are my music lifeblood.  I want my music angular, I want it to sound weird to third parties, I want silly names, I want wrong celebration.  And if hearing this record ruins your day, then all the better.  Does that make me fickle and conceited?  Hopefully.

There is something beautifully sloppy about their music.  The imagery is lazing in the sun and if anything gets accomplished, well that’ll be a bonus.  If you buy into such a lifestyle worry will not be yours.

The cover features two chickens, which subtly suggests a dose of cockfighting.  There is a darkness implied.

With that things become rowdier with “So And So So And So From Wherever Wherever” which wonderfully displays their tempered nonchalance to proceedings with overdriven distorted guitars laying into proceedings.  It is a gift.  Some might say it sounds like Weezer but this is original Built To Spill through and through.

The single closes with “Terrible Perfect” which serves like some kind of dense slack campfire singalong.  Once upon a time this is how music festivals sounded.

Brilliant band, brilliant tunes.

Thesaurus moment: lumbering.

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