Friday, 8 February 2008



Possessing some of the chunkiest guitar on a Morrissey song in like forever, here is a new Morrissey single which serves as a good excuses for a new Best Of/Greatest Hits compilation. Never let it be said he doesn’t make money out of his catalogue.

The return of Morrissey is one of the greatest things that could happen to music at this time. The man still looks fantastic and has the quick wit and sharp tongue that is sadly missing from the latest generation of dandy fops attempting to rock the charts and sadly failing.

Morrissey has always served to represent a corner of England of the darkest humour and ironic self depreciation of self mockery that isn’t really meant but all the same serves as a shield for saying what you really think and really mean – this is irony irony.

Here like a true baby he begins with the lines “I was wasting my time trying to fall in love” before launching into some kind of “live and learn” conclusion that seems to put it all into perspective for Morrissey, too much fucking perspective if you ask me. It all sounds rather needy to me, I know we’ve been here before. Then he finally plays us all for suckers by informing of how he is “OK anyway.” What kind of message is this one? What is to be taken from this? Quite frankly Mozza, I don’t think your audience wants to grow up. In a lot of respects I don’t really think they want to meet someone and fall in love. Shame.

The flipside here deals a live version of “Why Don’t You Find Out For Yourself” in a weird harmonica moment. Its not strong.

The day I knew I had grown up was the one where I admitted to myself “yeah, if I were a teenager I’d laugh at me too.”

Its always good.

Thesaurus moment: ripe.


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