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Of all the grunge bands it was always Mudhoney that seemed to have the best sense of humour (absurdity) and the most open minds with regards to experimentation and genre crossing. With that in mind it shouldn’t really have come as much of a surprise when they channel hopped to collaboration with country singer Jimmie Dale Gilmore back in 1994, not least a time when their given movement was at its most reflective.

The five song release involves Mudhoney and Gilmore covering one song by the other before collaborating on a song together in the middle.

Mudhoney begin proceedings by tackling “Tonight I Think I’m Gonna Go Downtown” in which Arm’s vocal style surprisingly seems to fit the task like a glove while Lukin’s playing really gives the song a country feel as the dumbness of country lyrics is both enabled and celebrated.

Jimmy Dale Gilmore tackles the usually fuzz laden “Blinding Sun” and transforms into some kind of blues song in a Cowboy Junkies style that lends a real quality to the song, truly empowering the suicidal words of regret from the original. This guy is a country crooner in the style of late Johnny Cash no doubt. By the end of the track it feels as if the length of the song has been doubled and the meaning with it.

The collaboration between the two of “Buckskin Stallion Blues” is a moist affair that ultimately sees country win out over grunge as Mudhoney embrace and pay respect to a much derided genre while indulging in the opportunity to have some fun.

From here the remainder of the release are the original versions of the songs by Gilmore and Mudhoney. The original of “Tonight I Think I’m Gonna Go Downtown” is a classically sedate country song quite removed from what Mudhoney did to the track. Likewise the original of “Blinding Sun” is a plundering piece grubby sweat from Mudhoney.

Thesaurus moment: streams.

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