Saturday, 29 September 2007



This was a really exciting prospect when it first emerged as a stonking techno track with the killer Bill Hicks rant from Revelations (and later Arizona Bay) about marketing sampled into the weave. It was a statement that was dying to be sampled, perhaps the best diatribe of modern life that Hicks ever unleashed during his lifetime.

In the end though the sad reality is that I do not think that Adam Freeland was the man to carry it off as this track most definitely suggests he was not able to pull it off. By the time the song was released as a single the inclusion and content of the Hicks rant had been severely dwindled and reduced to nothing, probably in the face of objection from Hicks’ family. From here the original mix was forever buried as a bootleg and all the power from the track was sapped away in one foul swoop.

Away from the sample it soon becomes apparent that it is a pretty stock techno track with a retro futuristic female computerised voice telling the listener just how superficial they are. Is this really a winning formula? Not in this fucking day and age.

Taken from the album Now And Them, which I am not so sure anyone ever heard, there are four mixes of the same track on this single and there is ultimately very little to differentiate between them. Some beats sound like ping pong balls while other mixes feature the odd heavily compressed guitar slash. It’s just not very good.

It’s just too smart for its own good.

Thesaurus moment: spay.


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