Monday, 22 November 2010



This is the dirty sound of sorrow.  I found the CD single in the bargain bin at Andy’s Records back in the day which feels an apt place to make such a discovery.

Royal Trux is a rare positive combination of indie rock and the blues.  The sadness feels vengeful not victim.  This is a hard act, not an easy fix.  There is no such thing as an easy fix.

“You’re Gonna Lose” comes saddled with sad notes.  Its delivery feels like an aftermath, like the quivering meander of a defeatist internal monologue echoing the message the world strikes us down with.  It does however offer space for the protagonist to switch/turn tables and be the one performing the scolding and dismantling of hopes.  In defence comes offence when an individual finds themselves cornered, not least when Jennifer Herrema emphasises “I’m talking to you”.

This is the sort of song you need in your pocket when you’re wounded.  As Herrema makes various statements and declarations she is immediately shot down by associated guitar licks which eventually override into vocal/verbal retorts from Neil Hagerty and the others.  It’s all about beating the individual down and bursting bubbles.  When JFK is mentioned it is with disillusion.  Then towards the end you can literally feel the effort that is put into the last large lick.  It’s a hard life.

On the other side the vibrant “Hibiscus” benefits from loose informal percussion and dense distortion in guitar accompanying the Herrema snarl before all breaks out into jam while a live version of “Hot And Cold Skulls” recorded by the BBC conjures up visions of burnt summer Saturday afternoons on the festival circuit.

Who knew we had it so good?

Thesaurus moment: mislay.

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