Thursday, 13 May 2010



I bought this seven inch straight from the hands of Roger Miller from Mission Of Burma after one of their gigs thinking that he was something to do with it but as far as I can see or tell he ain’t anything to do with it at all.  Really?

That aside, Logikparty are something of an impressively dense proposition reminding me of Drive Like Jehu sporting a female front.  The band exhibits wilfully scratchy guitars as more vocals in Slits territory rule the roost in menacing fashion.  With this Lydia Lunch and a heavier version of Teenage Jesus And The Jerks springs to mind.

The band hails from Dublin and describes their genre as concrete, which is a trait that soon becomes apparent with their relentless flow and nasty disposition.  This is pained and damaged music to listen to benefiting from all good things post-punk without falling into the usual traps of outfits attempting ideas so angular.

I think once upon a time I would have found this music empowering and invigorating as it would represent a stark and hostile reasoning to existence.  And that emotion is still fed but as I grow older my capacity to derive anger from such things is slightly dimmed and lessened.  I remain angrier having bought the release thinking that it involved Roger Miller and was something of Mission Of Burma offshoot.  I am idiot and Logikparty have exposed me.

This is a band for you; take it as a gift from me.

Thesaurus moment: excrescence.

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