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It has to be noted that when the NME recently gave this effort a mention it stated that this was latest of his many side projects that included Sebadoh! I can’t in my wildest imaginations expect that quote went down well although I think J Mascis could be heard giggling in the background.

So here are the breathy tones of Mr Lou Barlow. I have to admit for years I was scratching my head as to why people were saying Snow Patrol sounded like Sebadoh/Barlow but once it finally clicked with me it was obvious. And here indeed this is now a song that no longer sounds like a Sebadoh off cut, it kind of sounds like Snow Patrol. With that in mind then Domino should be working overtime to snag that section of the crowd and bring them into the house that Lou built and proceed to sell thousands upon thousands of units of Lou, Sebadoh and even Dinosaur product. However unfortunately at this time nobody is selling units by the truckload, not even Snow Patrol.

Over the years Lou’s solo efforts have been mixed in quality and indeed occasionally his own efforts with Sebadoh were often eclipsed by Loewenstein’s. Indeed when Loewenstein put out his record nervously we looked at each other and felt “this is better than a Lou effort.”

The timing and appearance of a Lou solo record at this time is a strange one, especially with a new Dinosaur record doing the rounds. In “The Right” the world is now in possession of a real plodder and not too much else.

I once had a boss called Mr Barlow. He was considered something of a “doddery old fucker” amongst those around him and there is a certain degree of risk that with solo efforts such as this Lou’s little indulgences may end up carrying a similar kind of tag.

Thesaurus moment: listless.

Lou Barlow

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