Wednesday, 17 September 2008



There is something horribly dirty about Kings Of Leon and the way they are peddling this soulful kind of fiery indie rock when to my ears it just solidly reflects that they own Afghan Whigs records.

The day I purchased this seven inch it was along with releases by The Strokes, Spinto Band, Bon Iver and Ladyhawke.  What the fuck happened to me and my music tastes?

In a way I am very surprised at how popular Kings Of Leon have grown.  I swear when they first arrived it was all about the beards.  They certainly didn’t come with much of a pedigree.  And now that the beards have gone, suddenly it is all about them being emotional and raw.  Enter “your sex is on fire”.

Just what does the band mean by sex being on fire?  Two bodies rubbing up so much that the friction actually bears flame?  Such is the ferocity?  At least Greg Dulli was subtle when pretending to be a slag.  Of course thick people jump at such sentiments, like to put themselves in the position of the now clean cut and slightly hunky Kings Of Leon.  I guess this was the kind of career decision that Bill Drummond wrote about in his manual, not that I suspect the band has gone anywhere near it.  This sounds like the Stereophonics for fuck’s sake.

Ultimately this is not a very good record.  Despite the cheesy hook, it is too light to rock but too rock to pop.  Mixed up mainstream people will dig it while people with pulses will mock it.  They gonna need to call the fire brigade at some point.

Thesaurus moment: singe.

RCA Records

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