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It seemed like a long time from when I first heard this song as part of Nirvana’s Reading 92 headline set until it was finally released as a single in what seemed like pointless fashion. I guess the time was nearing Christmas and DGC had to squeeze a few more bucks out of the band some way. It never even had a music video though, such felt the irrelevance of putting this song out as a single.

Late 1993 was a dicey time for me. Somehow I had wound up in a weird youth training college where I appeared to be the token grunger while a large portion of the college was made up of trainee bricklayers and labourers. Just how much training do unskilled workers require?

“All Apologies” is a sweet song. I first heard it as part of the Reading 92 set and guessed that the song had been written about his unborn baby with the repeated references to his son. Strangely when Courtney shat the kid out it was a girl. Whoops. I have to say I always preferred the very first version over this eventual studio version not least as it didn’t have that attention seeking “everyone is gay” line. Oh well. On the subject of attention seeking….

“Rape Me” is not Kurt’s finest moment even if he may have thought so. For a band that had previously been so subtle this now feels overt to the point of cheesy although I am sure at the time I saw things his way even if I was a bit too embarrassed to have my stereo volume up too loud for this song. I think the band’s threat of playing this song at the MTV Awards in 1992 possibly made the intro and opening bars more exciting than the actual song.

Rounding out the release was another controversial track in the form of “MV” which appeared to stand for “moist vagina”. It is a pretty clean song playing on the quiet loud quiet formula which is minimal in content (maybe even unfinished) and then it ends with an extended Cobain growl that is even being looped or was making his face go blue in the process.

All good things but at various stages were bettered.

Thesaurus moment: dilatorily.


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