Friday, 9 November 2007



“Saints” is a very positive, pro-people kind of song that serves as some kind of message/gesture to those who might otherwise be stifled by the gloomy aspects of the era. The line and sentiment of “summer is ready when you are” is pure poetry and a rallying call that even I tried to employ at some stage to drag a lady from her slumber. However while Kim Deal has charisma in spades with my limited resources I found myself unable to employ such joyful persuasion.

This song is natural, the kind of tune that is memorable after just a few listens as it is classically assembled and expertly created. Is this produce of being a twin?

Unfortunately I uncover a flaw in this song’s mentality when I step out into Colchester town centre on a Saturday afternoon only to discover that my environment is caked with the kind of people I would not necessarily say I like and could hardly describe as saints. For me this reveals something of an err on the side of Deal and her empathy for humanity. Rewind.

Elsewhere the release contains “Grunggae” which is an early demo version of “Cannonball” which it would appear to the ears of the Deals be the sound of grunge combined with reggae. It is a very different take on the song compared to the version that eventually became a classic but no less fun. After this then comes a demo of “New Year” which proves a less spectacular find.

All is good.

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