Tuesday, 15 May 2007


This is the nastiest sounding of all The Stooges canon. The Christmas bells only serve to make it sound more disgusting and warped than the actual sentiments of the cunnilingus adventure occurring around the jaw area of a frisky Iggy Pop.

I once was caught out dancing my arse off to this song in private, caught out and mocked by my friend Metal Dan who proceeded to snigger his way through the remainder of our meeting. He was into metal though, his head was out with the fairies, he could never understand or appreciate the full ramifications of a song and statement such as this.

The relentless motion of this song is born from the kind of grotesque guitar loop that could make the hardest of individuals feel queasy and peculiar. Nothing about this is tantric.

On the flipside is the none too subtle persuasion of “Real Cool Time” and its psychedelic wah distortion of both the mind and the senses. Would you believe the promises of a man such as ’69 Iggy Pop? Ladies?

This particular seven inch was released to coincide with the extended and remastered two disc edition of The Stooges that surfaced a few years prior to the full blown Stooges reunion and eventual mixed bag that was The Weirdness. The versions of the songs on this release were the John Cale mixes that felt as if they brought something jagged and difficult to swallow to the table. Whether that was his intention is another but certainly with it thankfully he was able to bring a new edge to the songs.

Here is a song with the ability to make you feel drunk.

Thesaurus moment: canine.

The Stooges

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